Author: Devin

  • Experiments with confetti style button explosions

    I’ve always loved the extra celebrations within web apps. Asana has a much-loved Unicorn effect and I’ve used this tutorial from Josh Comeau to implement ‘boops’ in a few react projects. But in some evening fun I wanted to try writing a simple version of a confetti explosion effect without any extra libraries or helpers. […]

  • ChatGPT: Thought Partner for Multitasking Creativity

    In all the roles I’ve held over the years, I’ve learned that the ability to manage multiple ideas, conversations, and topics is crucial for success. As someone with ADHD the ability to split focus and multi-task is really a side effect skill that comes with time. With the prolific explosion of ChatGPT usage and references […]

  • My 3 Favorite Questions for 1:1s

    At the risk of stating the obvious let me first say that a 1:1 meeting is your chance to have a one on one conversation with your manager or one of your direct reports. This is a high impact meeting that builds the lines of communication that are vital for a successful work relationship. If […]

  • A Simple “Hard Workout” I Keep Coming Back to

    Some years back I realized I had gotten really out of shape. I think everyone knows that feeling at some point or another. My wife wanted to get our oldest daughter into a beginner dance class at the YMCA and that turned into a family membership. So each week my wife and I would work […]

  • Turn an array of objects into a table

    At work we use a number of javascript files that hold constants we can import to any of our builders or editors. The structure looks something like: So a fairly large array of objects which makes it easy to work with. With this data structure I needed to export a whole bunch of these objects […]

  • I made a thing but not with code

    I got into woodworking and general maker-y stuff shortly after my wife and I moved into our first house. Since then I have tackled decks, a big playset for my kids, a couple of desks because I kept messing with my own, and a bunch of other projects I wish I kept better track of. […]

  • Arrow function as class function in ES6

    If you’ve been using create-react-app and tried to build things on your own you might have done/seen/used handleClick = () => { // do thing on click } This comes from the Class properties transform plugin from Babel: So if you try to build a project on your own you’ll need to include it […]

  • Simple Login Style plugin

    does anyone have a simple little plugin for custom login styles. I dont need a nuclear bomb option, just trying to make a simple thing I saw this question pop up in the Post Status slack earlier and immediately thought “that would be a quick plugin to make using the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate”. So lets […]

  • AAR on my Standards talk

    I posted my rambled thoughts on writing out my slides/talk for WordCamp Miami last week and I thought a after action report would be a nice follow up. I ended up editing my slides a bit after talking with Topher DeRosia who was speaking just before me as part of our mini-workshop. I left out referencing […]

  • Writing WordPress plugins with Standards

    [Note: I wrote this in bits and pieces over the past week or so which has caused it to be a bit all over the place 😁 ] On May 31st I will be speaking at WordCamp Miami about the WordPress coding standards, documentation standards, and showing how to apply those when writing your own plugins. Although it isn’t […]