Category: Code Snippets

  • Experiments with confetti style button explosions

    I’ve always loved the extra celebrations within web apps. Asana has a much-loved Unicorn effect and I’ve used this tutorial from Josh Comeau to implement ‘boops’ in a few react projects. But in some evening fun I wanted to try writing a simple version of a confetti explosion effect without any extra libraries or helpers. […]

  • Turn an array of objects into a table

    At work we use a number of javascript files that hold constants we can import to any of our builders or editors. The structure looks something like: So a fairly large array of objects which makes it easy to work with. With this data structure I needed to export a whole bunch of these objects […]

  • Simple Login Style plugin

    does anyone have a simple little plugin for custom login styles. I dont need a nuclear bomb option, just trying to make a simple thing I saw this question pop up in the Post Status slack earlier and immediately thought “that would be a quick plugin to make using the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate”. So lets […]

  • Codeable Contractor Reviews plugin

    When Codeable updated their app to “2.0” they built it on a nice little api. I’ve been playing with WordPress and its api integration for a while now so I was quite excited to dig into another api.

  • Delayed fade-in effects with css

    I hadn’t gotten a chance to work too much with css animation but decided to give it a try on some work today. With a quick stop over at css-tricks to brush up on things and another google on fade-ins I have a new snippet in my inventory. Demo on the gist is a simple […]