A Year with Codeable

In late February of 2013 I found myself on a website called Codeable. A few minutes later I was emailing my credentials to try and get an invite to the live beta.

The idea was simple, but one which I had never heard of before: a freelancing job board connecting developers with clients, but without individual bidding for the client to choose from. Developers need to apply to have access to the clients and Codeable keeps everything running smoothly.

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WordPress Login/Logout menu with only css

Doing support for Kriesi’s themes I am always trying to break a solution down into an even more simple set of steps. In most of the woocommerce supporting themes Kriesi has a sub menu that defaults to My Account | Log out/Login depending on if the user is logged in and out. I wanted to do the same thing with css and the wordpress menu manager to keep the theme files untouched and just to offer another way to do it.

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