AAR on my Standards talk

I posted my rambled thoughts on writing out my slides/talk for WordCamp Miami last week and I thought a after action report would be a nice follow up.

I ended up editing my slides a bit after talking with Topher DeRosia who was speaking just before me as part of our mini-workshop. I left out referencing core and focused more on the PHP standards directly. I’m not sure if it was the best call or not but it felt like it.

I also left out deep diving into the code of the boilerplate since I didn’t want to go heavily into objects and turn anyone immediately off of the idea of writing their own plugin. Again, I think this was a good call since I explained enough about DocBlocks that anyone interested should be comfortable in opening up the boilerplate files to search then read the inline documentation.

Ultimately I feel good about how it went because at least now there is a short overview of applying core standards to writing plugins out there for anyone interested 🙂

Update: I was searching something unrelated this morning and came across the somewhat new Plugin Handbook. 🙁 I wish I would have found/known about this before my talk. It is amazing reference and covers some points I did not go over because I didn’t have a core/official reference point.

I’ll be updating wppb at least to reference them 🙂